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Information & Communication Technology

Information & Communication Technology


This course begins from diploma level 2 to level 6 and its funded 95% by government where the employer will fund 5% of the course. Students are required to attend the course via e-learning and face to face depending on the learners needs, but 30 Hours of study time are mandatory in accordance with the guidelines of the institute of Apprenticeships.

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Digital marketing is a fascinating course for students who want to take their marketing experience and skills to achieve better opportunities in the digital world. At Waltham training, we have established strong relationships with our students to support them holistically in their academic endeavours to meet the requirements of their learning journeys.

In addition to career guidance and advice, we support students to study and aim high for degrees and other relevant professional.

The course requires students to achieve functional skills math and English, and ICT skills and upon completion, the have to complete the standards and Endpoint assessment.

Occupational profile: The Digital Marketer will lead on the creation and execution of a digital marketing strategy. They recognise and respond to business opportunities and customer requirements through various digital channels (such as Social Media, Websites, email). They actively employ content marketing and campaign management principles, and financial and analytical tools, to deliver successful initiatives that meet the needs and aspirations of their organisation.


Entry Requirements: Individual employers will set the selection/entry criteria. To be eligible to study for a Degree, typically candidates will have achieved grade C or above in at least five GCSE’s including English and Maths, and at least two A levels or equivalent Level 3 qualifications. Candidates may have previously been in a Digital Marketer role or be able to demonstrate a real passion and personal experience in digital marketing.

Occupational Skills:

  • Develop and critically apply the concepts, principles, and marketing theories relevant to the interdisciplinary topics of digital marketing.
  • Apply the 4 marketing principles (product, price, place, promotion) and considerations of the business / marketing campaign.
  • Write and create content for the different audiences, online channels and create clear “Call to Actions” and user journey’s
  • Demonstrate how to effectively promote and apply content marketing through the appropriate media channels, relationship management systems and communication platforms to maintain brand and cultural awareness throughout marketing strategies.
  • Select a variety of appropriate research methodologies, platforms and technologies to synthesise information and apply to the organisation’s digital marketing strategies, drivers and customer behaviours.
  • Manage, plan, specify, lead and report on digital marketing projects.
  • Manage and optimise key channels and content within a digital marketing plan.
  • Manage interfaces and the supply network of the organisation and customer by applying the appropriate E-commerce strategies and models available and whenever appropriate taking global engagements into account.
  • Apply a marketing mix / digital marketing mix to meet customer expectations.
  • Accurately observe, record and draw conclusions from all types statistical analysis of campaign performance, recognising inherent uncertainties and limitations with financial and budgetary requirements to demonstrate Return on Investment (ROI).
  • Engage communities through Email Marketing and Social Media to stimulate and encourage communication through positive discussion and engagement.
  • Apply the appropriate tools for a data-led approach to analyse marketing information and platforms, data and social media and recognise what is actually important for insights and optimisation to provide solutions for marketing decisions.
  • Contribute to business, planning and marketing strategies to recognise and respond quickly to opportunities and customer requirements whilst embracing change.
  • Identify, recognise and understand internal and external business intelligence and factors that may impact future operations.
  • Interpret, communicate and brief internal or external stakeholders on digital business requirements.

Occupational Knowledge: The Digital Marketer will be able to understand:

  • The strategic implications of the disruptive digital environment.
  • Natural/organic and paid marketing to increase the visibility and promotion of websites.
  • When managing and implementing brand equity, brand awareness and strategic brand management, the leading marketing theorists and practitioners.
  • Professional bodies and their insights into emerging technologies, trends and themes within the digital marketing environment.
  • Customer insight, strategic relationships, acquisition and focus of customers, taking into account the customer experience and retention /loyalty.
  • How to foster business-to-business (B2B) marketing relationships through social media to launch products based on price and popularity.
  • The types of online and offline paid, owned and earned media, and how this works together.
  • Digital marketing regulatory requirements, data protection, compliance and ethics, both national and international.
  • The Digital Marketing environment for International marketing and multichannel marketing, for agencies as well as client.
  • Stakeholder and customer requirements, commercial awareness and business improvement processes that are relevant to campaign management.
  • Digital graphic design, interface design, and authoring.
  • The user experience, and how to maximise engagement.
  • Segmentation, targeting and application of sales funnel, path to purchase, and customer attribution.
  • E-commerce and the importance of product descriptions, images, site layout and what makes a good online shopping experience.


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