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Waltham Training & Recruitment Consultants Ltd

We offer Apprenticeship based programmes, working with local communities and FE Colleges to promote cooperation and help isolated groups of people like teenagers, asylum seekers, women and jobless to acquire life-changing skills and get into employment and improve on their standards of living.

This programme focuses on the apprentices and promotes educational development skills within local communities. The company is formed of two partners who have a wealth of Teaching and training experience, who initiated the idea after having spent a lot of time working with different vulnerable and less privileged individuals within the community and thought of the idea of how best to improve on the living skills of the least abled individuals within the community and in particular, the people of East London and those in the surrounding areas.

Waltham Training and Recruitment Consultants Ltd have legal advisors on matters of due diligence and how the company can oblige and meet its required expectations and deliver practical and comprehensive aims and objectives by fulfilling the needs of the local communities and individuals at large.

The company is spearheaded and motivated by a team of experienced members who are capable of handling competition and moving it to a different level, with their past glories and success in Training learners who are now considered to be independent and enjoying success as a result of the Training and learning that they have acquired.

Waltham Training and Recruitment Consultants Ltd is registered in the company House and HMRC in England and Wales as a legitimate Ltd Company under registration Number 09622783 by two Directors, Mr Bright Akora and Charles Karuhize, who have a wealth of experience in Teaching and Training learners in various areas, so that they can be able to understand and learn the value of Education and relevant training to make the life of the learners effective and efficient.

This is through using the available resources with help, support and guidance to achieve and seek better employment opportunities to achieve their wishes, dreams and aspirations.

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