The Ultimate Guide to Apprenticeships

The Ultimate Guide to Apprenticeships

According to the Telegraph, there has never been a better time to use an apprenticeship to get on the job ladder. As such, the Telegraph provides a guide that covers the most important things one needs need to know if they are considering kick-starting their career through an apprenticeship!

The content below is adopted from the Telegraph’s ultimate guide to apprenticeship.

The changing face of apprenticeships

“Apprenticeships were a comprehensive education which taught young people how to be part of a workforce. They instilled the values of excellence and quality in the workplace and served British industry well throughout the years. I’m very encouraged to see the current revival and to see Apprenticeships take their rightful place as a valid education and career choice that can lead to better things”, Sir Alex Ferguson.

The government has recently put a lot of money on promoting apprenticeship initiatives. Given this – plus current economic woes and increasing University tuition fees – are apprenticeships becoming an increasingly attractive career path option?

Types of companies investing in apprentices

Some of the most exciting and forward-thinking companies in the world have apprenticeship programmes. It can even be easier to get your foot in the door with a major company as an enthusiastic apprentice than 4 years later as a graduate! Why? Because by the time graduates are knocking on their doors, many former apprentices will have had several years of experience in which to learn and get ahead.

The British Army for example had one of the most extensive and trusted apprenticeship schemes with about 75% of new soldiers taking part and over 5,500 completing their apprenticeship training each year.

What are the benefits of an apprenticeship?

Of the many advantages of an apprenticeship, the most valuable (and attractive to employers) is a professional experience.  An apprentice has many distinct advantages over interns and volunteers: First, they are directly exposed to the business community that they desire to make their career in as an insider.  They can form close personal relationships with industry professionals, witness the inner workings of the business, and make valuable contacts. No less important – an apprenticeship means direct, hands-on training. Apprentices learn by seeing and by doing. They inevitably make mistakes and learn from them. They get a first-hand feel for the nature of the work as well as a chance to hone the skills and tricks needed to become experts.

According to Spencer Mehlman, Managing Director –, “In the last year, has seen a three-fold increase in the number of apprenticeships being advertised and a 50% jump in applications from young people. We believe that apprenticeships represent a fantastic way for youth to get onto the career ladder, earn money while gaining a meaningful vocational qualification and, of course, no debt!”

Read the full Ultimate Guide to Apprenticeships here:

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