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Waltham Training and Recruitment Consultants Ltd offers Apprenticeship based programmes, working with local communities and FE Colleges to promote cooperation and help isolated groups of people like teenagers, asylum seekers, women and jobless to acquire life changing skills and get into employment and improve on their standards of living. We offer Information, advice and guidance and support our learners to make progress on a continuous basis. We are a global company working with partners in Africa and USA.

This programme focuses on the apprentices and promotes educational development skills within local communities. The company is formed of two partners who have a wealth of Teaching and training experience, who initiated the idea after having spent a lot of time working with different vulnerable and less privileged individuals within the community and thought of the idea of how best to improve on the living skills of the least abled individuals within the community and in particular, the people of East London and those in the surrounding areas.

Waltham Training and Recruitment Consultants Ltd has legal advisors on matters of due diligence and how the company can oblige and meet its required expectations and deliver effective and comprehensive aims and objectives, by fulfilling the needs of the local communities and individuals at large. The company is spear headed and motivated by a team of experienced members who are capable of handling competition and move it to a different level, with their past glories and success in Training learners who are now considered to be independent and enjoying success as a result of the Training and learning that they have acquired.

Our History

Waltham Training and Recruitment Consultants Ltd was registered in the company House and HMRC in England and Wales as a legitimate Ltd Company under the registration Number 09622783 by two Directors Mr. Bright Akora and Charles Karuhize, who have a wealth of experience in Teaching and Training learners in various areas, so that they can be able to understand and learn the value of Education and relevant training to make life of the learners effective and efficient. This is through the use of the available resources with help, support and guidance to achieve and seek  better employment opportunities to achieve their wishes dreams and aspirations.


To help people acquire the skills they need to become employable.

We also aim at opening new branches in Europe and Asia in addition to our branches in Africa and USA, to expand on our operations to capture a wider market share.

To facilitate and support disenfranchised groups, helping them improve their skills and development as individuals so they can find employment and contribute to the community.

  • To provide information and advice on local jobs and volunteering opportunities.
  • Increase awareness of the organisation’s work through regional PR.
  • Develop and implement an enhanced digital strategy.


Overall Aims and long term objectives for the company
  • To increase confidence and self-esteem among teenagers, youth, women and people out of work.
  • To improve skills and educational development of teenagers and women and youth within the local communities.
    Waltham Training and Recruitment Consultants Ltd, wants to facilitate and support the local community most especially isolated groups and be integrate them to the communities.
  • To provide training in Job searching skills in addition to information advice and guidance (IAG).
  • To provide information and advice on local jobs and volunteering opportunities.
  • To enable isolated groups like teenagers and women and people out of work to find employment by acquiring skills, in communication, and job searching, CV witting and arranging work placements. In addition to acquire good employability skills and guidance.
  • To enhance and improve the standards of living, among the less abled and disadvantaged and make the company progress within its overall aims and objectives in terms of growth and development, by recruiting many learners and supporting them on various academic courses and guide them to get better employment opportunities, and acquire good skills and abilities.
Major successes and achievements

Since the company was established in June 2014, there has been great improvement in terms of supporting learners to complete basic courses, like Employability, Customer service, Health and Social care and PTILS, (Preparing to Teach in the lifelong learning sector).

Waltham Training and Recruitment Consultants Ltd is fully registered in the company House and HMRC in England and Wales as a legitimate Ltd Company under The registration Number 09622783.

Contact Information:
E-Mail: info@walthamtrc.co.uk
Phone: 02085549000 / 07863840278

Opening Hours:
Monday-Friday: 9:00AM-6:00PM Saturday: 10:00AM-6:00PM Sunday: Closed


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